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The Saddle Fucking Machine

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Strap yourself in and hold on tight, because you're about to ride the Saddle Fucking Machine. Once on, hit the handy on/off switch and the fucking machine goes to work, pumping you full of cock. Arch your back or move your hips, the saddle fucking machine will continue to penetrate you to orgasm. Since, it's a machine it will never tire, never stop and is totally at your control. Whether you want it in the vagina or up the ass, the Saddle will give you the ride of your life. All you'll need is the 8" Vac-U-Lock Dildo to attach to the Saddle.



Options: You have two choices for Saddle Fucking Machines. We have the deluxe model that comes in a black wooden casing with the on/off switch located in the back of the machine. Our clear model is cased in bulletproof, see-thru glass. This glass allows you to watch the machine in motion and is very durable against shock. The clear model also includes a remote on/off switch that is attached to a 6'9" cord, allowing you to be more free in your maneuvering and interaction with the machine.

No matter which machine you choose, you'll also get these great benefits:
  • The machine is generated by a high powered 4.5amp motor.
  • Powered by any US standard 110V AC outlet.
  • The machine measures 10.5" tall, 8" wide and 11" long. It weights 20 pounds.
  • The stroke settings can be adjusted with a household screwdriver. You have your choice of a 2", 3" or 4" stroke.
  • Ideal for both vaginal and anal penetration.
  • Small compact size means you can place this machine in most storage places.
  • There are two speeds available: slow (40RPMs) and fast (80RPMs). The speed is determined by the direction the on/off switch is pressed.
Model built for USA voltage only, we will not ship to the UK or Internationally.


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